POGO Corn Dogs - 1.5kg

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Grab a POGO® for a satisfying lunch or snack that's ready fast. They're convenient when the kids come home from school scrounging for food, or when your on the run in everyday. Their sticks make them fun to eat and its quick and easy to clean up.


Batter: water, enriched wheat flour, modified milk ingredients, potato starch, corn meal, corn flour, wheat semolina, soy flour, modified corn starch, sugar, baking powder, salt, soy protein isolate, high oleic low linolenic canola oil. Frankfurter: mechanically separated chicken, pork and/or beef; water, modified corn starch, wheat flour, salt, corn syrup solids, sugar, spices, sodium phosphate, sodium acetate, sodium diacetate, garlic powder, sodium erythorbate, onion powder, flavour, sodium nitrite, soy protein product, smoke flavour. High oleic low linolenic canola oil. Contains: wheat, soy, milk. May contain: egg.