Pets Go Raw Econopack 1/2lb patties - 25lb case

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Contains at least 3 different proteins – one of which will probably be chicken. Turkey is also in most cases, as is some beef. All of their other proteins will be included as they are processing them and have some ‘left over’.

The proteins may be mixed together or could be separate. That is, one patty may have chicken and lamb in it while another may have turkey, beef, and pork. These are just examples of possibilities.

There will be no protein only patties in a case

This is an option for people whose pets are not food sensitive as they do not mark down which proteins are in any one case.

There are 25+ lbs of product in every case. The patties are approximately 1/2 lb.

Meat (including bone), vegetables, organ meat, fruit, egg (including shell), kelp