Helmuts Charcuterie Pack 1.6kg

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This pack is perfect for your next party! 

Lamb Prosciutto, Sliced; 20pc; 250gr
Bauern Schinken, Sliced; 45pc; 250gr
Helmut's Hot Italian Salami, Sliced; 250gr
Wild Boar Finnociona Salami, Sliced; 250gr
Blackened Swiss Farmer; 8 links; 600gr

Wild Boar Finnociona Salami - Tuscany influence of fennel and red wine
Lamb Prosciutto - Prosciutto is a premium cut of meat that, when sliced thinly, has a buttery texture and will melt in the mouth. Prosciutto has a mild, sweet flavor that can vary depending on the techniques used to cure the meat.
Bauern Schinken - Flat, boneless ham similar to Prosciutto, but smoked and mildly seasoned.
Helmut's Hot Italian Salami - Air-dried and seasoned with salt, pepper, and fiery chillies, vibrant red appearance. This delicious piece of salami is made with ethically raised pork with a dose of anise
Blackened Swiss Farmer Stick - Smoked & air-dried. Enhanced with juniper berry, coriander & red wine.

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