Game Day Pack - Valley Direct Foods - All - Appetizer - Frozen
Game Day Pack - Valley Direct Foods - All - Appetizer - Frozen

Game Day Pack


Get Your Game On with Our Game Day Appetizer Pack!

Our pack is packed with delicious snacks to satisfy every craving during the big game. Whether you're cheering on your favorite team or just having a fun night in with friends, our Game Day Appetizer Pack has got you covered.

What's included:

  • Jalapeno poppers - spicy and cheesy, these poppers will add some heat to your taste buds
  • Sausage rolls - flaky pastry filled with savory sausage, perfect for dipping in your favorite sauce
  • Meatballs - tender and juicy, these meatballs are a classic game day favorite
  • Chicken strips - crispy on the outside and tender on the inside, these strips are perfect for dunking in your favorite dipping sauce
  • Guacamole - creamy, flavorful, and oh so addictive, our guacamole will be the hit of the party
  • Spring rolls - crispy and full of fresh veggies, these spring rolls are a light and refreshing option for snacking

Preparation Tips:

  • Our appetizers are frozen, so make sure to thaw them before cooking for optimal flavor
  • Most of our appetizers can be baked in the oven or cooked in an air fryer for a healthier option
  • Be sure to have plenty of dipping sauces on hand, like ranch, barbecue, or hot sauce, to really amp up the flavor

Culinary Compatibility:

Our Game Day Appetizer Pack is perfect for a variety of occasions, not just for game day! They make great party snacks, movie night munchies, or a fun addition to a potluck spread.

Health Information:

While our appetizers are definitely indulgent, they can be part of a balanced diet when enjoyed in moderation. Plus, the variety of options allows for some healthier choices, like the spring rolls and guacamole.

So what are you waiting for? Get your game on and dive into our Game Day Appetizer Pack! With a variety of delicious options to choose from, you'll be sure to satisfy all your snack cravings. Just make sure to have plenty of napkins on hand - things might get messy!


    • Cream Cheese Poppers -400 GM
    • Valley Direct Sausage Rolls -10 PK
    • Beef Meat Ball 1/2 OZ - 454 GM
    • Chicken Strips 2 KG
    • Classic Guacamole 454 gm
    • Spring Rolls - 40 x 25 GM

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