Frog Friendly Coffee Organic Whole Bean Med - 340gm

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Here are 9 reasons to try Frog Friendly Coffee today!

  1. We are our source and manage our business transparently through our entire supply chain from the Cloud Forest to brew.
  2. Our coffee is harvested sustainably from the last intact cloud forest of Mexico in the Oaxaca Occidental.
  3. Our coffee is a ""Bourbon"" Arabica which is fancy lingo for being old world, non-commercial, and much like a fine wine. This year we received a grading of 86 which puts us in the top class for specialty grade coffee.
  4. Low in acidity; Individuals with sensitive stomachs or pursuing a low acid lifestyle can enjoy our coffee with no ill effect.
  5. We craft roast in 44lb batches to maintain the best consistency and profile in Canoe BC on the shores of Shuswap Lake.
  6. Our coffee brings a genuine benefit to our communities at source. Our goal has and continues to be to continue to create a long-term legacy of equitable employment and social support for those responsible for the harvest. 
  7. To date, we are the only coffee company in Canada that has successfully passed a 3rd party audit at source to affirm our marketing and incredible true story.
  8. We are certified organic. However, we are ''beyond organic'' as our coffee is naturalized under the intact canopy of the cloud forest.
  9. Our retail offerings are in 100% recyclable packaging.