Harvest BBQ Weiners 1.5kg

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1.0 kg

All of Harvest wieners are made using only top quality cuts of pork and beef, along with a special blend of seasonings including a high quality milk binder; no by-products, no mechanically separated meats, and no soya or plant extenders are used. As well, they contain no added monosodium glutamate. Their wieners are stuffed into a cellulose casing which they have left on to help improve shelf life and maintain freshness. These casings are a plant-based material which is completely biodegradable and suitable for composting. The wieners are fully cooked and naturally smoked using real hardwood chips, not artificial chemical sprays or dips. These are a perfect portion for smaller appetites!


Pork and beef, Water, Modified milk ingredients, Modified corn starch, Salt, Sea salt, Dextrose, Sodium phosphate, Spices, Sodium erythorbate, Sodium nitrite, Smoke.