Viva Cacao Toasted Coconut Dark Chocolate Bar 41gm

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1.0 kg

Locally made in Slocan BC, at Viva Cacao, they produce and celebrate delicious small-batch dairy-free chocolate using heirloom beans, healthy ingredients, superfoods, and ethically sourced cacao. 

Make your taste buds dance!

Roasty-toasty coconut, cacao nib, and vanilla come together in this decadent combination of 65% dark chocolate, lucuma, and carob to make your taste buds dance to all the sweet and nutty notes!

Power to get you going

With Lucuma, a sweet caramel-like superfruit rich in B3 (aids in depression), iron, and carotene, and Carob which is rich in calcium content that combines alchemically with cacao's high magnesium content, increasing the benefits of both. This bar will help give you a healthy boost while tasting delicious!