Viva Cacao Peppermint and Hemp Milk Chocolate Bar 41gm

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1.0 kg

Locally made in Slocan BC, at Viva Cacao, they produce and celebrate delicious small-batch dairy-free chocolate using heirloom beans, healthy ingredients, superfoods, and ethically sourced cacao. 

A taste of everything good!

This bar is creamy and minty and ALL THE GOOD THINGS! Viva Cacao blended their creamy coconut milk chocolate with nourishing hemp seeds, lucuma, and carob to balance the icy hit of peppermint and give this chocolate a smooth and creamy finish.

Power to get you going

Peppermint works alongside the caffeine and theobromine in the cacao to increase alertness while also tackling digestive issues and bad breath. Hemp seed is high in iron and one of the most healthiest complete proteins on the planet!