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Okanagan Select Large Gift Basket

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*This is a seasonal gift basket and will be repackaged in the fall/winter. 

This Premium Gift Basket features products produced  from select Local suppliers and from local products.  We strive to support our local small businesses and provide opportunities for them to reach a larger audience.

This Basket Contains:

Okanagan Select Wild Sockeye Salmon  180 gm 
Okanagan Organic Popcorn  90 gm
Hellish Relish  190 ml
Crackin Cranberry Conserve 375 ml
Caliente Hot sauce  250 ml
Pioneer Gourmet Coffee  1 lb
BC Brine Pickles  750 ml
Eve's Crackers 1 Pack
Enercheeze  50 gm
Sedos Okanagan Beef Jerky  80 gm
Sedos Okanagan Pepperoni  4 pc pack 
Sedos Okanagan Air Dried Garlic Sausage 180 gm
Kelly's Doukhobor Borscht 1 lt
Italian Kitchen Tomato Basil Sauce  750 ml
Mojo Jojo Blackberry Ketchup 300 ml