Lightly Floured Calamari 2.5lb

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Highest quality loligo squid. Hand-cut for a homemade appearance from 3 to 5-inch squid. Fully cleaned with eyes, beak, and cartilage removed and neck meat on. Marinated for flavor and tenderness. Lightly floured. No heavy breading. No fishy taste. All pieces are IQF for ease of handling, portion, and cost control. Precautions – Always cook from frozen, never thaw and cook.

MARINATED – Always tender, harder to overcook, less prep time. Reduced labor cost. Customer satisfaction.
LIGHTLY FLOURED – The taste is in protein rather than breading. Customer satisfaction.
HAND CUT – Homemade appearance. Customer satisfaction. Able to charge more.
PREMIUM LOLIGO SQUID– More tender, pure fresh taste.
NO WASTE, 100% YIELD – No spoilage, no water loss. Cost control. Better returns.
NO MESS – No handling and clean up. Employee satisfaction.
READY TO COOK – Easy to handle. Quick service.

Preparation and cooking suggestions – Deep fry from frozen state at 176-187ºC (350-370ºF) for 90-95 seconds or until golden brown.