House of Q Slow Smoke Gold BBQ Sauce -375 ML

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Multiple Award Winner!
Second Place – American Royal World Series of BBQ, Kansas City, MO – 2012 & 2013
Third Place – National BBQ Assoc. , Kansas City, MO – 2019
Fifth Place – Best of the Best National BBQ Festival, Douglas, Georgia 2009

Slow Smoke Gold BBQ Sauce was created to be our competition slather – the indispensable coating of flavour applied to raw meat before the House of Q House Rub is shaken on. This gold mustard sauce is incredibly tasty and has quickly become a fan favourite.

Slow Smoke Gold BBQ Sauce is a mustard-based BBQ sauce that is at first zingy and tangy from the mustard and vinegar, and then provides a hint of heat with pepper and cayenne notes.


The sauce is great as a dipping sauce on simply anything that wants mustard but can be used as a glaze on salmon or pork ribs.  Outstanding in vegetable dips, potato salad or deviled eggs.