Fresh Attitude Salad with Chicken (225gm)

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Fresh Attitude kits combine fresh salad blends to a trio of tasty ingredients and dressing without colorant or preservatives.

Caesar Kit
This classic made from crispy romaine hearts is accompanied by tasty croutons, grated asiago cheese, and imitation bacon. It comes with Asiago Cheese Caesar dressing and cooked chicken.

Ingredients: Romaine hearts, croutons, grated asiago cheese, imitation bacon, and asiago cheese Caesar dressing.

Southwest Kit
Latest in the family of Fresh Attitude kits, the Southwest Kit will seduce you with Texan flavour. Served on a bed of crisp romaine, you’ll love the Tex-Mex cheese, its delicious tortillas, and the lightly spicy vegetable sauce.

Ingredients: Romaine lettuce, Tex-Mex cheese, tortillas, and Southwest sauce.