Effervescent Tea Kombucha Combo Pack- 12 x 354 ml

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12 x 354 ml Organic Raw Kombucha

4 x Grape
4 x Raspberry
4 x Ginger Lemonade

.08 cents per Bottle Deposit and Recycling fee included in Price

 This delicious, naturally sparkling tea has been crafted from the finest organic ingredients and carefully cultured for just the right amount of time to minimize sugar and maximize bubbles.

Naturally occurring strands of the culture may appear in the bottle and are a sign of healthy, raw Kombucha tea. Our Kombucha tea is made from green tea leaves, organic cane sugar and fruit or vegetable juices.
The end result is a soda like beverage that is naturally low in sugar, contains antioxidants, B vitamins and tastes fantastic!



Effervescent Tea was founded by Lonny and Nan Thiessen. We grew up in a community that loved their hearty home cooking, which in turn has given us an appreciation for food in general. Before pregnancy and kids, we started to become aware of which foods actually made us feel good. Nutrition became vitally important, as we wanted to raise healthy kids! We both enjoy cooking and trying new things. Preparing food to look gourmet AND ensuring it is good for us, is a fun every day challenge!

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