Beef Meatloaf in Mushroom Gravy 652g

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Cardinal''s meatloaf starts with premium ground beef and just a touch of seasoning for that ''just like homemade'' taste! We cook it slowly in a delicious mushroom gravy using our exclusive Kettle Cooking technology to create a ""just like homemade"" taste and texture that''s sure to satisfy!

Place in oven at 350 F for 35 - 45 minutes or until it reaches desired temperature


Meatloaf: Beef, water, toasted wheat crumbs, modified potato starch, soy protein, salt, toasted onion, egg albumen, tomato powder, parsley, garlic, spices & spice extracts

Gravy: Water, mushrooms, onions, seasonings, butter (contains milk), malt extract, modified corn starch, wheat flour, tomato paste, salt, carrageenan powder, xanthan gum, spices??