Avalon Organic Milk 2% 1L Glass Bottle

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1.0 kg

Avalon Dairy 2% Milk may have reduced fat, but it still gets away with the full-bodied fame Avalon is known for and doesn't let go of its vital nutrients while doing so. With calcium and vitamin D to keep you energized and moving well through your day, it's the perfect no-holds-barred, guilt-free addition to your routine when you add it to your espressos and lattes, or drink a glass of it ice cold.

Bring some smoothness to your weeknight when you use it for a reduced-fat alfredo sauce to enjoy with a movie at home. And for those rainy coastal BC days, a creamy chicken stew with Avalon 2% milk will support immune function and comfort a weary heart.


To help avoid unnecessary waste, we are now ordering this product according to demand. Please consider this when placing your order as orders submitted after cut-off will be held until the following week. 

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