Avalon Organic Milk 1% 1L Glass Bottle

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Avalon Dairy 1% Milk is low fat, and remains an excellent source of calcium and vitamin D. If you’re 99% disciplined with your diet and fitness routine, go on and treat yourself to that teeny 1% of extra pleasure when you add it to homemade puddings, panna cotta, your daily energy milkshakes and smoothies, or for a low-fat mac and cheese comfort food.
Who said 1 had to be the loneliest number? We’re singling it out as most adaptable!


We will pick up the bottles when we drop off your next order, or we can arrange for a driver to come by the next time we are in your neighbourhood.

Please ensure all bottles are clean and ready for pickup. If bottles are not clean, they will not be accepted! Deposits will be returned as a refund.