Assorted Meat Pack

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Fill your freezer and take the stress off of having to worry about whats for dinner.

This meat pack is available for a Monthly Subscription for an additional savings of 10% off the regular price.

Chicken Breast Strip Breaded 2 kg 
Lean Ground Beef  10 x 1 lb
Bavarian Smokies 2 x 1 kg
Taco seasoned Ground Meat ( Pork / Beef Blend)  5 x 1 lb 
Chicken Breast Stuffed - Cordon , Ham & Edam  4 x 170 gm
Chicken Breast Stuffed - Apple Brie 4 x 170 gm
Top Sirloin Steak AAA   4 x 170 gm
Maplewood Smoked Bacon  Sliced 2 x1 kg

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